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Are you in need of Travel Assistance services? Contact our team at Komfort Kare today


For 20 years, our Komfort Kare team has provided individuals with expert travel assistance services. Our traveller assistance services offer support and assistance when travelling to and from your home.


Our team of resilient, dedicated travel carers is happy to bring you to any shop or service to help you with your daily routine.

Contact our expert travel carers today for more information on our travel assistance services!

What type of places would our travel carer go with patients?

The places a carer will travel to include:


Grocery shopping

Local shop

Komfort Kare

If you are in need of a carer for travel in Leinster, contact our team at Komfort Kare today

Do we offer travel assistance abroad?

Yes! Our travel carers are happy to help if you need to travel abroad. We can provide you with travel assistance, such as help with personal care, going to the grocery store or anywhere that assists in your routine.

For more information on our travel assistance services, contact our team today

What expense is there with travel assistance abroad?

When availing of travel assistance when abroad there are a few expenses that need to be covered:

Travel carers accommodation

Time spent there



What is the catchment area of your travel assistance services?

At Komfort Kare, we offer our Travel assistance services to clients throughout the Leinster region.

What is the best way to get in touch to find more information about our travel assistance carers?

The best way to contact our travel assistance carers is by phone or email.

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