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Komfort Kare


Are you in need of mobile care in your home? Contact our team today


Komfort Kare provides clients with expert Mobility Care services. For 20 years, our team have been gaining experience and knowledge in mobility services. We ensure that each of our mobility services is completed to the highest standard.


With a range of high-quality mobility care equipment, we have the expertise to help patients with their mobile care needs.

For professional mobility care in Dublin, contact our team at Komfort Kare today

Who are our mobility care services catered to?

Our mobility care services are catered to clients who are suffering with an:




Are you in need of Mobility Care services in Leinster? Contact our team at Komfort Kare today

What equipment does our mobile healthcare services offer?

At Komfort Kare, our mobile care team work with a range of different mobility care equipment, including:

Slide sheets

Banana boards


Roof hoists


Stair lifts

Wheel chair

Shower chairs

Live in Care

For more information on our Mobile Healthcare services, contact Komfort Kare today

Can our mobility care team provide transfers?

If necessary, our mobility care team can provide transfers for any mobility needs that you may have. In conjunction with our mobility care equipment, our team are fully experienced in handling any mobility issues that may occur.


What is the catchment area of your mobile care services?

At Komfort Kare, we provide mobility care services to clients throughout the Leinster region

What is the best way to contact your care team about mobile healthcare?

You can contact our team about mobile healthcare by phone or email

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