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Companionship Services


Are you in need of a personal care assistant in Leinster? Contact Komfort Kare today


For over 20 years, our care team have been gaining expert experience in providing clients with companionship services. Our companionship services provide clients with support and assistance with daily tasks.


Our companionship caregiver provides in home support and company throughout the day. They are also happy to help individuals with everyday tasks such as hair brushing, daily tasks and assistant with personal hygiene. We want to improve your well-being and assist with social inclusion.


Our companionship services are perfect for someone who does not have much family left, who can’t leave the house, or whose family lives abroad or has passed away.

For more information on our companionship for the elderly, contact Komfort Kare today

What does a companionship caregiver do?

Our companionship caregivers help with many aspects of a client’s life, including:

Providing support

They build a personal relationship with their clients

They help with social inclusion

They improve a client’s quality of life

They help with loneliness

Personal Care

Companionship Services

Contact our experts at Komfort Kare today to avail of our Companionship services

How does our companionship differ between customers?

At Komfort Kare, our companionship services are entirely tailored to each client. We ensure that their needs and wishes are met, allowing clients to go about their day with the proper support.

How regular are companionship services?

Depending on client needs, we can offer companionship up to a maximum of 21 hours per week.


Our companionship services are available in the morning, lunchtime or evening basis so that your loved one has frequent daily visits. This service can be availed of seven days a week if necessary.

Are you in need of Companionship? Contact Komfort Kare today!


What is the catchment area of your companionship services?

At Komfort Kare, our companionship services are catered to clients throughout the Leinster region.

If you received companionship services seven days per week, how many carers would visit a home?

At Komfort Kare, we alternate between two or three carers to a home per week.

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