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Overnight Stays


For more information regarding our overnight carers, contact our team at Komfort Kare today


Komfort Kare provides clients in the region of Leinster with professional overnight stays. For over 20 years, our overnight carers have gained the experience and knowledge to handle any situation that may occur during overnight stays.


Our overnight stays aim to provide you and your loved ones with support, relief and assistance within your daily life. We cater our overnight stays to the patients needs.

For more information on overnight care at home services, contact the experts at Komfort Kare today!

Why might someone need our overnight stays?

Someone may need our overnight stays for:


Company for elderly person living alone

Respite for their family

Older people who need to go to the bathroom at night

Komfort Kare

Are you in need of an overnight carer? Contact our team at Komfort Kare today for more information

What would we do during overnight stays?

There is many things that our carers would do during overnight stays:

Personal care

Assist with meal

Watch TV

Go to church

Go shopping

Do hobbies with them

Contact our overnight carers today for more information regarding our overnight stays

What times can you avail of our overnight care at home?

The usual times that clients would avail of our overnight care at home would be 8-8 or 9-9. This service can be used every day if necessary.


Can you provide overnight care at home every day if needed?

Yes! If required, our overnight care at home can be an everyday service.

What is the catchment area of your overnight care service?

Our overnight care service is offered to clients throughout the Leinster region.

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